Sunday, January 17

Picture Frame Craft

One of my very favorite craft blogs is Shanty2Chic. They are so creative over there! I love everything they come up with!
I showed Melinda this blog & she fell in love too :)
Last night we copied one of their ideas.
First we bought a bunch of frames at the dollar store & spray painted them. (Mine-black, Melinda's-brown)

While those were drying we used spray adhesive to glue burlap to the glass from the big frame.

We wrapped the edges around to the back & used hot glue to glue them down. While I was doing this, I went to pick up the corner of my frame to turn it around (non-aggressively) & it literally broke right in my hand! So I ended up wrapping the cardboard from the frame in burlap instead.

While we were waiting, we also mod podged scrapbook paper onto these stars. I think they turned out so cute!

When the frames were dry, we arranged the little ones how we wanted & then hot glued them & the stars to the burlap.

Then we glued these little clippies inside the frames to hold the pictures.

We were at my parents' house & I didn't have any pictures with me, so I took a few off my mom's magnet board just to show kinda what it is supposed to look like. (It'll have bigger pictures in the bigger frames of course)

Here's Melinda's all finished.

TA DA! We love them :)


Brittany and Johnse said...


Megan Barton said...

I want one!! haha SUPER CUTE!

Amy Nielson said...

Super cute Meg! You amaze me. :)

Brandon and Sara Moore said...

Wow, I love them too! Seems really fun and easy to do, and very cute!

Beckstrom Family said...

Those are adorable!