Thursday, December 24

Update Finally

Sorry I haven't blogged in like a million years.
School's over for this semester, I'm all finished with work for the week, & I'm all done with my Christmas shopping and wrapping! So, now I have some blogging time :)
(P.S. I'm never going shopping on Christmas Eve Eve again. EVER!)
Here's a little update on what we've been doing the past couple weeks.
On the 12th, we had a little Christmas party with some friends & family. I only got a couple pictures of that.


My little brother, Matthew, is the drummer in the Jazz band at his school & last week we got to go the their Christmas concert.
He was in the back & I couldn't get very good pictures of him.
One of these days I am going to get a video of him playing his drums.
For real....he's going to be famous pretty soon :)

My aunt, Julie is in the Salt Lake City Choral Artists, and this last Saturday, Jeff & I were able to go up to Salt Lake to their Christmas concert with my parents.  It was called Laud to the Nativity.
I love Christmas music! A lot of the songs they sang were in different languages, so there was only one that I actually knew. But they are really great!

Jeff has been super busy with work & with his animals lately.
And taking care of these new friends...

Who knew so many people wanted hedgehogs as pets?!
We've had these at our house for less than a week & he's already sold 4!
They are such weird little things.
But I really liked this guy....his name is Friar Tuck :)
He had such a huge personality and was so entertaining.
All the rest of them were sleeping, but he was all over the place & even figured out how to climb out of the tub they were in.


And this is King Henry.
Jeff is going to breed him with our two girl bunnies.
Check out how cool his face is!

He's such a nice bunny!

On Tuesday night, my family came over to our house for dinner.
We had Chicken Enchiladas. Yum!
Then we all went up to Riverton to my Uncle John & Aunt Paula's house to make gingerbread houses!

Maggie & Tye's house kept collapsing :(



Sara & I

My house :)

 This is the boys watching the bowl game while we made our gingerbread houses.

I can't believe it is Christmas Eve already!
We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


Julie said...

My brother, Kyle, used to have a pet hedgehog, he was pretty cute.

Heather Strong said...

He he he we used to catch hedgehogs in Sweden. They just run wild like squirrels run around here or something.