Thursday, December 3


The Festival of Trees is my favorite favorite favorite Christmas time activity!
The trees are decorated, donated and purchased at an auction, by individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and church groups.  All of the money raised is given to Primary Children's Medical Center to help children in need.  In 2008, the Festival raised $1,495,840.74.
My absolute dream job is to work in the NICU at Primary Children's!
Each tree has a theme & comes with all the "gifts" under the tree.
This was a Utah Jazz tree & came with this quilt with the team's pictures on it & Jazz tickets.

A lot of the trees also have a picture of someone the tree is dedicated to, or in memory of.

This was one of Jeff's favorites because it came with a ski, life jackets, gloves & a rope.

I thought this penguin tree was so cute!

 An upside down tree :)


Another of Jeff's favorites. The John Deere tree :)

Sports tree.

Glttery tree :)

This one was my very favorite!

My second favorite :)

Just one more I promise!
This one made me feel so sad.

Gingerbread Village!
This whole thing is made out of candy & cake!

This is a gingerbread train. It was longer than this, but I didn't get pictures of the whole thing.

The "Up" house!


Sorry so many pictures! I just love this place so much.
Over 800 trees are donated, so if you think about it...I really didn't take that many pictures...:)
Someday, I'm going to have enough money to buy one of these trees :)


The Rowburys said...

So fun! We are going tomorrow night, I haven't been in years! I can't wait, I know Lucas and Brandon will love it. Brandon will love the John Deere one two, our guys should hang out more. I think they would have tons in common.

Katie said...

I love festival of trees! And the John Deere tree was done by my aunt!! Crazy

Brandon and Sara Moore said...

Wow they all look so stunning! I wish my tree looked like any of those (my fav is the orange one). I've never been to that before..I'm glad you shared a lot of pics :)

Joan Wardell said...

Thanks for sharing....such beautiful trees and so much time put forth for such a good cause.

Amy Nielson said...

What a fun place!! Those gingerbread houses are AMAZING!!!

Weston and Nicole said...

Wow, your festival of trees post is much better than mine!! You got some awesome pictures! I need your new address so we can send you a card :) Hope you guys are doing well!