Tuesday, May 19

Wedding Week

The week of the wedding was a crazy busy, but fun week! I want to remember every single detail of it. May 1st we were able to start moving stuff into our new place. The renters before didn't leave it very clean so we spent a few days cleaning first. Here are some pictures of it with hardly anything moved in.
I'll post more pictures when we get it painted and everything all set up.

Early Thursday morning family started arriving from California. It meant so much to me that they were all here for me. We spent Thursday doing some last minute wedding preparation. We also got our nails done and pedicures.

More family arrived Thursday afternoon just in time to help set up for Marshall's eagle court of honor. He was the first young man ever in our ward to earn his eagle. What a cool accomplishment and great example to the other young men in the ward.

There was even a live eagle presentation!

Way to go Marsh. I'm so proud of you!

Friday was also a busy day, finishing up some last minute things, like picking up my dress and the tuxes, etc. Jeff spent the evening with his family and I went up to Bountiful with my family for a bbq at Jonathan & Julie's. It was a perfect way to spend the evening, relaxing and having a good time with my family.

We're so grateful for the love and support from our family on our special day!


Brittany and Johnse said...

congrats! so happy for you to be in your new place!

Caitlin said...

How fun! Doesn't it go fast? I can't wait to help you paint your house. Love the Jeff quotes too! :)

Love Stitched said...

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