Sunday, May 31

Honeymoon in Vegas

We went to Las Vegas on our Honeymoon. We stayed in the Sahara hotel. It was around 100 degrees everyday. We spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool and met some very interesting/entertaining people out there. 2 guys wearing bikinis...need I say more?

We walked up and down the strip, went to M&M World, visited some little shops, & did lots of people watching!

We of course had to hit up Buffalo Wild Wings while we were there. Jeff's friend & his wife live in Vegas, so they met us there for dinner.

We had a blast!

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CuriousGeorges said...

Looks perfect! I'm glad you had a relaxing honeymoon...we definately did-we were in palm springs and had hot weather too, so we utilized to pool as well :-D Its the best honeymoon type concrete plans and lots of relaxing!