Saturday, May 23

Wedding Day

Saturday, May 9th, 2009, we were sealed for time & all eternity in the Manti temple. It was such a beautiful day. I had been so worried about the weather, but it couldn't have been better. Around 70 degrees and sunshine all day! Why Manti? Really the only reason was that I love that temple! It might have made the day a little more stressful, but I wouldn't change it. We want to thank everyone who made the trip down there to be at our sealing.

Jeff's grandpa is a sealer in the Salt Lake temple and we were able to get permission from the first presidency for him to perform our sealing. During the sealing he read this poem to us,

Because you come to me with naught save love
And hold my hand and lift mine eyes above
A wider world of hope and joy I see
Because you come to me

Because you speak to me in accents sweet
I find the roses waking 'round my feet
And I am led through tears and joy to thee
Because you speak to me

Because God made thee mine, I'll cherish thee
Through light and darkness through all time to be
And pray His love may make our love divine
Because God made thee mine.

I've never been to other sealings, and I'm sure they are all so great. But to be able to have someone who knows us both and means so much to us perform our sealing was such a special experience, and something I will always cherish. (Thanks Julie for finding the poem!)

After we took lots of pictures, we had a luncheon at a park not far from the temple. We didn't want a super fancy luncheon anyways, but there weren't a lot of options around Manti. And we didn't want to make everyone wait an hour and a half to eat when we got back into Provo. We thought about having a dinner the night before, but ended up up choosing kind of a picnic at the park. I thought it worked out really well. It was nice to be able to visit with everyone and enjoy each others company. And the kids loved the playground.
We got home around 4:30 and had to get everyone ready to be at the reception center by 6 to take more pictures. (We were late). The reception was at Somewhere Inn Time in Lindon. We were able to get a few pictures outside before the reception started at 7.

I'll post more when I get them from the photographer. The reception was a blast! I wish there had been more time to be able to sit down and talk to everyone who came to see us.

The day went by way too quickly. Its crazy how many months you spend preparing for this one day, and then it is over and gone so fast! There were so many times during the day I wanted time to just slow down so I could look around and remember every little detail.
When it was time to leave we went out and found our car decorated so pretty! Thanks guys!

Mike & Nate & Caitlin surprised us...well surprised me, Jeff already knew...and got us a room in the Armstrong Mansion for that night. Caitlin also put together the cutest "wedding night basket" to take with us. In it there was bubble bath, massage oil, sparkling cider and glasses, and some other fun things. There is nowhere I else I would have wanted spend my wedding night. One of the coolest places I've ever stayed! There was a spiral staircase in our room that went up to a huge jetted tub. I'll post pictures later. Thank you so much Mike, Caitlin & Nate!
It was a totally perfect day! There is not one thing I would change. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little bummed that it's over. But I'm so grateful for the help and support of our family and friends, and for the memories we will have forever :)


Heather Strong said...

That sounds like so much fun! I wish I could relive my wedding and honeymoon all over again because it really does just go by so fast!! It was fun seeing you guys!

Julie said...

Everytime I go to a wedding I wish I could get married again! Ten and half years later it was still the best day of my life.

Amy Nielson said...

It really was a perfect day for you. Nothing went wrong and that is great!! I'm so glad that it was everything you wanted. It does go by way too fast but you now have the memories and lots of pictures coming that you can look at over and over. Now the adventure begins...together. :)
I agree with Julie, weddings make me want to relive mine again.

Caitlin said...

It was such a gorgeous day! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. I love the picture of the groomsmen. Mike and Jeff are head and shoulders taller than everyone else on that bridge! I'm so glad you liked your room too! I fell in love with it when we toured it. :)

Brittany and Johnse said...

looks like it was a beautiful day!! I love the saying they wrote on your car..ha ha that is awesome! And I totally know what you mean...time flies...just wait til you look back and it's been 2 years already!! treasure every moment while you can!

The Johnson's Jungle said...

Don't forget to write everything down about your special day! You'll want to remember it years to come! Weddings are so much fun, everytime I go to one I am reminded of my own wedding and how great it was! You guys look so cute in your pictures! Congrats again!