Monday, May 25

Present time

Sunday afternoon we went over to my parents house to open our presents before we headed off to Vegas. Jeff thought it was weird that my family gets together and all wanted to be there when we opened the presents. That's how we have done it at every wedding. We just enjoy being together.
We got some REALLY nice gifts! Everything we got are things that we will actually use. And we only got doubles of 2 things I think. One, a blender...which we will be keeping both of, because I have a history of breaking my mom's blenders ;/ I love to make smoothies, so they will be used a lot! We also got quite a few gift cards which will be fun to use!

We got a cake plate, which upside down Jeff thought was a chip and dip platter :) Such a goof!

Monopoly & Yahtzee. Awesome gift!

Benjamin loved the wrapping paper & bows.

I think Jeff's falling asleep.

The audience.

Sorry so many pictures, but we got so many great things! Thank you to everyone for your kindness & generosity in helping to get us started on this new journey together. We love all of you!


The Rowburys said...

Yay!!! You have a picture of the gift I bought you! I hope you like it, it reminded me of you!

The Johnson's Jungle said...

Wow you guys got some really cute things! We did the same thing and had our families over when we opened our gifts.

Holly and Spencer said...

HA HA! My family all came over to my house to open gifts too! I am glad that I'm not the only one!

ashley said...

sorry we didnt make it to the wedding, but here is my late congratulations!