Thursday, May 24


My Aunt Janet was called to serve a Family History mission in Salt Lake City a few months ago. 
She moved all her stuff from Tollhouse, California to SLC at the beginning of May. 
My Aunt Darlene & cousin, Teri came with her and stayed at my parents' house for a few days. 
The girls & I went up to Salt Lake with them one day to "help" move her stuff into her new apartment. 
I'm sure you can imagine how much help the 3 of us were ;)
The girls & I played outside while everyone else moved stuff from the cars to her apartment. 

Side note, my Grandma Erickson (Janet's mom) was called to this same mission and lived in this same apartment building before she died. Kind of cool. 

When everything was moved in, we went inside for a little tour of the apartment and then went over to the Lionhouse Pantry for lunch. 
After lunch we were walking around outside the Joseph Smith Memorial building and there were gorgeous flowers everywhere! The girls were so fascinated by them and wanted to touch & "smell" all of them. 
We had to tell them repeatedly to be soft to the flowers because they really just wanted to rip all the petals off. 
I was actually proud of how well they did being soft though.

 Aren't they the cutest?! :)

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