Wednesday, May 9

39 again

My mom had a big birthday this year. 
Don't tell her I told you.
If you ask her, she'll say 39. 
Melinda & I had a big party in the works but my mom said she would disown us if we threw a party. 
I don't get it. She asked me if I want a party when I turn 50.
YES. I do. 
We ended up just celebrating with the family & had a great time. 

 My dad got her a nice new bike. 

Mckay came to my house earlier in the day & we invented a new kind of cake. 
We didn't know how it would turn out but it actually tasted real good. 
Can you tell the candles are making a "5" "0"?

Do you think Melinda could make it as a model?

A few days later, Melinda & I (and twins) took my mom to lunch & to get pedicures. 
The girls amazed me. They sat so still on our laps the whole time. Honestly, I was a little shocked. I wasn't sure I had the right babies. 

Happy birthday Mommy. 
I feel so lucky that you are mine!

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