Monday, May 7

Arches Trip

Spring Break for my brother & sisters was the week after Easter. 
They decided to take a trip down to Arches National Park & invited the girls & I to go with them. 
I have lived in Utah my whole life & this was the first time I had ever been there. 
We went straight to the park when we got into town and did a few hikes. 
It was really warm but soooooo windy. 
The girls had the best time playing in the dirt & rocks. 
While we were hiking, Wrigs didn't want to be carried. She wanted to walk all on her own but it was taking forever so she had to be carried. She was not a happy little lady. 
Morley didn't want anyone to carry her except me so I strapped her to me in the Baby Bjorn. 

At the hotel the girls favorite thing to do was pull all the towels off this shelf and put them back on. A million times. It kept them very busy! :)

 For dinner that night, my dad, Mckay, Morley & I went to Mi Ranchito while everyone else went to Denny's. This video is of Morley at dinner, having a taste of my Root Beer. It was the very first time she had ever tasted Soda. 

We forgot the bring one of our Pack-n-Plays but luckily the hotel had one so Wrigley slept in it & Morley slept in the bed with me.

 She is not fun to sleep with. She moves all over the place all night long!

The next morning we got packed up and checked out of the hotel and then went back into Arches for one last hike.
It was a lot colder this day & the girls were hungry, so I stayed with them in the car & fed them while everyone else hiked. 
After they ate we got out of the car to explore a little while we waited for everyone to come back.

When my family came back we stopped at the Visitor's Center for some souvenirs and then headed back home. 

It was a quick trip but so fun!

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