Wednesday, June 8

Fun with Family

We have had such a fun few weeks!
Rodney & Amy came into town the last week of May to visit and see the babies!
The girls and I spent most of the week at my parents house and we had so much fun with them.
We went to the zoo one day, Cafe Rio for lunch one day, celebrated Marsh & Matthew's birthdays, walked around the mall and let the kids play on the treehouse, had a barbecue with Jonathan & Julie, went to the park, & played lots and lots of games, of course.

The girls did pretty well at the zoo. Wrigs didn't want to stay in the stroller for long. She is such a curious little thing and always wants to see what's going on. She already doesn't like to miss out on anything!

Then there's Morley who is pretty easy going most of the time and content & happy to just do whatever.

Cute Aly riding the horse.

It has been years since I have been to the zoo! I forgot how fun it is to see all the cool animals!

The babies & I watched everyone ride on the carousel.

Mags & Aly compared themselves to the gorillas.

I guess the zoo wore these two out.

Marshall & Matthew's birthday was on the 21st. The twins and Jacob & Aly got in on the celebration with party hats!


Happy birthday boys!

Jacob & Aly loved the babies and were so cute with them. For some reason I don't have a picture of Jacob with them so I will have to get one from Amy.

Isn't she so dang cute?!
I wish I had gotten a picture of the girls with Rodney also! He was so awesome with them! I think he has magical powers. We were at my parents house pretty late every night and when the babies would get tired and fussy, Rodney would take them in the other room and come back a few minutes later with a quiet, sleeping baby! :)

Playing at the park.

Amy & Wrigley

On the walk back to my parents house Jacob climbed in the basket underneath our stroller. Such a goof :)

The week went by way too fast. I wish we lived closer so we could spend more time with Rodney, Amy & the kids!

The week after they went back home Wrigs, Morley & I drove to San Diego with my family.
We had a blast! I will post more on that later!

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Amy Nielson said...

It really was a fun week and so glad to finally meet those sweet baby girls!! I wish we lived closer together too!! :(