Friday, June 24

Emptying my Camera

Last week my mom watched Jonathan & Julie's kids for a few days. One day the girls and I went to the park with them. We put Wrigs and Morley in a baby swing together.

Happy Father's day Jeff :)


At the end of last summer Jeff & I bought the "Pass of all Passes" which includes a Seven Peaks season pass. The girls and I went with Melinda & Jade on Tuesday. They were so excited all morning they wore themselves out ;)



A few nights ago we got to have Saxon and Bridger over to play for a few hours. Saxon volunteered to hold Wrigley for me while I got bottles ready for the girls. He did such a great job :)

While I put the girls to bed Jeff showed the boys his animals and let them play on the little motorcycle.
When I came out Saxon was holding a gecko and Jeff was reading his animal book with Bridger. He kept saying everything was a "sea snail" or a "karilla" ??? Such a funny kid! We always love when we get to play with the boys!

It's so fun to watch the girls learn new things. Morley is so close to rolling over! Any day now she will be rolling all over the place! Wrigley hasn't shown any signs of rolling but she is trying so hard to grab things. Morley, not so much. Today they were laying on a blanket staring at each other and Wrigley reached over and was touching Morley's face. Morley didn't appreciate that at all. I put her bink in and then Wrigs kept pulling it out. It was so funny so I just kept snapping pictures until Morley got poked in the eye. She was pretty upset!

I moved Morley farther away so Wrigley couldn't reach her anymore.

Then I put a stuffed animal next to Wrigley and she tried and tried for probably 20 minutes to grab onto it. She started getting pretty frustrated and that's when I was recording of course.

A few other cute pictures.





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Amy Nielson said...

That is so funny about Wrigley bothering and poking her sister. HA! There will be LOTS more of that to come. :) Maybe she will be the more dominant one to boss Morley around.