Saturday, June 18

Letters to my Girls

I had an idea a few weeks ago that I am super excited about, so I wanted to share.
I started a private blog for each of the girls, where I am going to write letters to them as they are growing up (hopefully once a month) and then I will make it into a book to give to them when they are older.
I think it will be a cool thing for them to have and also will be a kind of record of all their milestones and things!


Jaime Stephens said...

I randomly found your blog but had to comment so I hope you don't think I'm crazy :).., I saw the twins so I stopped to look, I too have twins:). I had to laugh as I kept reading because they were born the same day! And the really crazy part we found out almost the same way! (bleeding/sad/ultrasound/blown away :).Crazy. Your girls are adorable my twins are boy/girl.. I'm leaving my email if you want to see my blog or chat more emai me, if not it's cool.. It's

Natalie said...

Great idea! Just be sure to stick with it because I'm sure it will be hard--but oh so worth it! What a great treasure for you to have as a mother and for those girls :)

Caitlin said...

What a great idea! I want to do something like that too.