Tuesday, March 2

New Friends

Jeff & I got to church a little late on Sunday, so ended up sitting in the very back row.
There was a lady sitting in the aisle seat a few rows up diagonal from us
with a 3 or 4 month old baby girl.
I had never seen them before, so figured they were new in the ward.
She had the baby turned around facing backwards.
She was looking at me, so I started smiling at her.
The mom turned around and saw me smiling at her, got up, walked back, handed her to me & walked back to her seat.
We got to play with her the rest of Sacrament Meeting.
Totally made my day :)


Amy Nielson said...

That's kinda weird that she would just hand you her baby when she doesn't even know you. Maybe I should try that some time. Sure would make Sacrament meeting more peaceful for me. :)

Love Stitched said...

that is so funny...I would be happy to if I were you but still think it is hilarious that some lady you don't even know just hands her baby off...LOL

Beckstrom Family said...

Aww...I love that! :o]