Saturday, March 27

No 5k today :(

I first came across Bronson's story on a friend's blog back at the
beginning of February.
I have been following their blog ever since.

I cry every time I watch this video.
What an AMAZING story!
Such a great reminder of the things that are truly important in life.

This was set up for today in his honor...
Marsh & I had been planning on running the 5k since the day I found out about it.
My body had other plans.
This is how last night played out...
Body aches.
Stuffy nose.
Sore throat.
I laid in bed in denial.
I kept telling myself I was fine & would be able to run.
After a long night of hardly sleeping, waking up every time I moved, I realized
I wasn't going to be able to do it.
I was so sad.
I really wanted to run this race.
I know there will be others, but this one meant something.
It was for a great cause.
I wanted to be there.
I'm sad I missed it :(

Sick or not, there were 5 cake orders due today that needed
One of them was a Sesame Street one.
Sesame Street cakes are not our specialty at Coldstone.
Shocking right?!
The lady brought in Sesame Street toys & said to decorate the cake
to match them.
Whatever that means....
I did my best.
Oh, also they wanted strawberry frosting.
Which, no matter how much food coloring you put in, still comes out
looking pink.
Hopefully it was for a girl. I don't really know.


Julie said...

I'm sorry, what a bummer!

andrea said...

Grrr. Vague cake orders are the worst! I so did not realize you are still at Cold Stone! Have I ever told you how much I miss that place?!
the cake great, by the way.

The Johnson's Jungle said...

I knew that family {they use to live in my ward...where the wheatley's live now!} such a touching story. Sorry you weren't feeling well! Great job on the cake!

Brittany and Johnse said...

Awesome cake ;) And I know how you feel...I am sick with the same thing right now! it sucks!!!