Friday, March 26

I'm feeling crafty again.

I tried out some "crackle paint" on these frames...

can you tell?
They don't look crackly to me!
I did everything the guy at Home Depot told me to do.
Clearly, he didn't know what he was talking about.
If anyone has any experience in this area, I'd love some tips.

Next story...
I bought this pretty picture for super cheap at a thrift store.
Really I just wanted the frame.
To get the picture & glass out, I had to remove these
staples that were all the way around the back.
I spray painted it brown, hot glued some twine across the back & it's done!
I also took apart the clothes pins to spray paint them.
They are not fun to put back together.
But my fridge is less cluttered now & I like it!

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