Sunday, February 28

Ice Cream

Two nights a month there is a rodeo up in Ogden that Jeff & Mike like to go to.
Every time I go with them, my allergies act up & I am miserable the whole time.
Last time I even took Benadryl before we went. Didn't work.
Last night they went & I decided to stay home.
Melinda came over & hung out with me.
We ate dinner at Taco Bell, then walked around the mall for a few hours.
We tried on sunglasses in one store for about an hour.
All the people in the store were glad to see us leave.
But we found some pretty sweet ones!
Melinda & I usually come up with some pretty brilliant ideas when we are together.
This one was in the top 10 ;)
We decided to each try & eat a whole tub of ice cream!
I got this far & threw up.
Melinda did awesome.
I think she totally could have finished, but after hearing me throw up she couldn't eat anymore.
Pretty sure it'll be a very long time before I'm in the mood for ice cream again.


Julie said...

Can I just say gross?!?!?!

Heather and AD said...

Now you know what it's like to be pregnant! Except you don't have to eat a whole tub of anything...sometimes just one bite!

Caitlin said...

That's so funny. I probably would have thrown up too. I hope you didn't ruin thin mint ice cream for yourself forever. :)

Amy Nielson said...

You girls are crazy! I can only imagine how the evening went.

Love Stitched said...

lol that is awesome Meg....You did pretty good yourself before you puked! lol..I think that deserves the number one spot...for now ;)