Tuesday, February 16

Missionary Marsh

My little brother, Marshall's mission papers were turned in this week!
Wow! I can't believe he is even old enough to go on a mission.
He will be getting his call in the next couple weeks & I think I might cry a lot.
I'm so proud of him & the choice he is making to serve a mission.
He's going to be the best missionary ever!
But I am sure going to miss him like crazy!
In the last few years, we have become very close. He is one of my best friends.
It will be totally weird not having him around.
Anyways, my mom & I thought it would
be cool to make a mission blog for him where we will keep family members & friends updated
on his mission. We will also share letters, emails & pictures he sends home, so everyone who wants to will be able to read about what he's up to.
There's not much on it yet obviously, but here is the link....


Julie said...

I have added it to my reader.

Brandon and Sara Moore said...

Thats great, he will be an amazing missionary! Can't wait to find out where he's going :)

Amy Nielson said...

What a good idea. He is going to be awesome!!