Tuesday, February 2

Idaho Weekend

We took a little road trip this last weekend to Boise, Idaho to attend my great Grandma's funeral. We arrived in Boise around 9:30 Friday night. We stayed at Marriott's Towne Place Suites & all had very nice rooms.
We had an extra bed, so Matthew slept in our room with us.

When Jeff & I got there, my family was all already there & in the pool. So we put on our suits & and went swimming!
After swimming we had to go find a McDonald's of course!

The hotel had breakfast for us in the morning, then we headed to the funeral chapel for the family prayer & the funeral.
It was a beautiful funeral & so neat to be able to hear so many great memories of Grandma Mary's life.
One of my extended family members (I think my grandma's cousin) is a photographer & took individual family pictures of everyone after the funeral.
This is all of us waiting for our turn.

My mom & her sisters.

My grandma & 4 of her 5 children.
After the funeral we went to the Stake Center for a luncheon.
We had fun hanging out & talking with family for a couple hours.

Jeff & I had thought about possibly doing a session at the Boise Temple after the luncheon, but when we got there the next session wasn't going to start for over an hour. So we walked around a little bit, took some pictures & then headed home.

It was a super quick trip, but I'm so glad we were able to go.

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