Wednesday, November 18

Fashion Show

For one of Melinda's Young Women value projects she put on a modesty fashion show tonight.
She had people wearing pajamas, everyday outfits, and formal dresses.
She asked me to be in it & wear my wedding dress & just a casual everyday outfit.
She spent a lot of time putting it together. It turned out so cute & was a lot of fun!

Maggie was in it also, wearing her "baptism dress", pajamas & a more casual dress.

My wedding dress was the big finale :)

One of Macy's outfits was my old prom dress. She traded me her hat for my veil.
Then she made Maggie carry the back of her dress while she walked out. :)

This girl makes me laugh!
And this was everyone in the show.

You did an awesome job Melinda!


Megan Barton said...

looks like it turned out well! Super cute! Sorry I couldn't help you out time choose a time when I'm on the beach. haha

Heather and AD said...

That's such a neat idea! How fun!

p.s. thanks for telling me how to save money! I'm so excited!