Saturday, October 10

Days 3 & 4 without Husband

Yesterday was such a long day. It lasted 3 weeks! After work, Mike & I went to Olive Garden for dinner :) Later, I picked up Melinda to spend the night. Babes, yesterday marked 5 months for us :) Crazy right?!

We got up early this morning for Maggie's baptism. One of the most spiritual baptisms I've ever been to. It was awesome! She was sad you couldn't be there, but I let her know how proud we are of her.

My mom had prepared lots of yummy food for everyone after the baptism.

Then it was nap time of course :) I fell asleep on the couch while everyone was watching football games. I was so out. I heard nothing. My brother put some dip in my mouth while I was asleep & I sorta remember it...but he said I kinda pushed it out with my tongue then grabbed it with my hand and handed it back to him. Then went right back to sleep. The benefits of being such a sound sleeper...nothing phases me :)
Later, we watched the BYU-UNLV game. BYU won by lots! YEAH!
And that was my day. 3 more days til I get to be wrapped up in your arms! Miss you so much! Night night.

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Amy Nielson said...

What a great picture of all you Erickson kids. Such good lookin' kids!! :) Love you all so so much!