Monday, October 26

Birthday Celebrations for Miss Melinda

Saturday's Events:
We started the day at Tai Pan Trading. I'm in love! I had never been to this place before because I knew how dangerous it might be, but my mom insisted I needed to check it out. WOW! I could spend weeks in that store. Proud to say, I did not totally deplete my bank account while there (though I may have wanted to).
For real though, cool store.

Look at that cute face.

Next up, Texas Roadhouse for lunch.
P.S. this place has amazing Ceasar Salads.

After lunch we spent some time walking around the mall, doing what girls do best ;)

Then headed up to Salt Lake to the Hale Center Theater to see a play.

The play was called Curtains. It was like a murder mystery/musical. Kinda cool.

(The lady I asked to take this picture was like, "Hey, I have this same camera so I know how to use it!" Apparently not, the picture is blurry! Ha!)
After the play, we were stuck in our parking spot forever! No one would let us back out. So I told Jade (kinda jokingly) to get out of the car & go stand in front of the other cars & hold her hand up so we could back out. She did it! It was so funny. Love that Jade!

Sunday's Events:
Melinda got her Patriarchal Blessing. So proud of you!
I can't believe my little sister is 16! Craziness. She's like almost a grown up now!

We had dinner & a little party at my parents house.

In honor of her turning 16 & being able to start dating, Jeff & I bought her a shirt with a telephone booth on it that says, "Call me!" :)

We had a yummy Cold Stone cake!

We hope you had a great birthday!
And hope 16 is good to you! :)


Amy Nielson said...

Looks like a fun birthday for Melinda. Wish I could have come for all the fun girl time.

Chelle! said...

Meg...I love reading your blog!!! It is so fun!!! Thanks for sharing!