Tuesday, June 2

Memorial day

So cute...the Sonnenberg's first holiday together ;) Fun day! We went to the pool with Mike, Caitlin & the boys.

Bridger loves the water! His little bottom lip was shivering but he wasn't going to get out for anything. Jeff put him up on the side and he would dive right back in.

It was the cutest thing. He didn't mind going under the water as long as we clapped for him when he came up.
Later on they all came over to our place to have pizza and help us paint! We painted our living room a sage green and tan. It's a good thing they were here, because apparently Jeff & i really had no clue what we were doing! Thanks guys :)

Bridger kicked back to watch all the action.

I'm really happy with how it turned out! I'll post pictures of the final result when I take some :)


Caitlin said...

So cute! Saxon and I have watched the video about a million times! That was such a fun day.

ThE CaRr SuPeRsTaRs said...

I'm so happy I came across your blog!! :) You guys are so cute!! I love your paint choice it looks awesome!!! :)