Monday, June 15


Tuesday was our one month anniversary :) I know a month isn't that long, but I can't believe how fast the time went. I got up early Tuesday morning and made Jeff pancakes, bacon, & eggs for breakfast before he had to go to work. After work he brought me home a daisy!

My mom was at girl's camp all week, so Tuesday night we had Maggie & Matthew over to spend the night. Jeff had to work until 8, so we watched the Bachelorette online while we waited for him to get home. When he got home we started a game of Monopoly. Halfway through we decided to go to Brick Oven for a cookie monster. They were out of cookies. Bummer! We got brownie sundaes instead.

We came back, finished our Monopoly game (Jeff won), watched a movie & went to bed.

I guess we wore them out. They slept until 11 am!


Amy Nielson said...

I'm sure your mom will be thrilled that you watched The Bachelorette with them!! ;)

The Johnson's Jungle said...

The Bachelorette... addicting.