Thursday, June 18

For Mike

My mom gave Jeff & I a "Family Home Evening for Newlyweds" book. One of the ideas in the book says to write 10 reasons why you love your in-laws. Every time Mike comes over he asks if I've written his 10 things here you go Mike :)

#1-I love that Mike cares about people. He loves to make others happy. He is always doing things for people and puts everyone else before himself.

#2-I love the attitude Mike has about life. No matter what happens he is always positive and happy and just loves life! I really admire that about him & wish I was more like him in that way.

#3-Mike loves to have fun! He is always up for anything. Even going to see "Twilight" :) He's always ready for an adventure & makes everything fun.

#4-I love that Mike invites me to the gym with him so I have someone to run with. Then pushes me until I think I might fall over dead :) It's good for me!

#5-I love how Mike talks to me about girls. When he gets back from a date, he answers all my questions without complaining ;). He asks me my opinion about them. Then we analyze together "why she said this" or "what she meant by that". It makes me feel important.

#6-I love that Mike has a strong testimony of the Gospel & shares with me little spiritual experiences he's had. He's truly a great example of someone who lives the Gospel.

#7-I love that Mike thinks I'm funny. He may roll his eyes at my jokes, but I know deep down inside he's laughing ;) he he

#8-I love that Mike & I are friends. He's not just my brother-in-law. We can hang out without Jeff & still have a blast!

#9-I love that I can talk to Mike & he listens. He never makes me feel stupid or feel like he's judging me at all. I feel comfortable telling him anything.

#10-I love that Mike is my brother-in-law! I'm so glad he's a part of my life :)

Love ya Mike :)


Caitlin said...

That's awesome! I love Mike too! Now you have to make Jeff write a list of why he loves your parents :)

The Johnson's Jungle said...

Joe and I bought the same FHE book and we loved it!

Brittany and Johnse said...

Mike is a GREAT guy you are lucky to be apart of his family now :) What a sweet post!