Monday, June 8


Saturday we went to Aubrey & Tyler's house for a bbq. Aubrey & I met our freshman year of high school & have been friends ever since.

I should be used to fact that she has kids now, but I still get a kick out of watching them attempt parenthood ;) Emory is such a nut! Always gives us a good laugh. She was quite entertaining all night. Running around the yard with the dogs...drinking the dog's water when her parents weren't looking...putting her shoes in the dog's water...climbing in and out and in and out of her chair...fake laughing...such a funny girl!

This is Bo, the newest addition to their family, and Jeff's new best friend.

Bronson, Tara & Bam

Thanks for a fun night!

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The Rowburys said...

oh...I'm so jealous! I can't wait to come over for a bbq with everyone!!!