Sunday, April 19

Bridal Shower #2

Ana & Heather threw me another bridal shower yesterday! We invited around 30 people, but not very many were able to come. I was a little disappointed, but it was still a lot of fun! We played another game where I had to answer questions about Jeff. I got a prize for each one I got right! I got a lot more right this time! (there were a lot of the same questions from the last shower :) The prizes were little things to use around the house. They will be really nice to have...especially since I probably wouldn't think to buy most of them until I actually needed it. Like a toilet brush, duster, dish soap, dish scrubber, batteries...and other little things.

I got gift cards from Target, Victoria's Secret, & Bed, Bath & Beyond. Yay for shopping!

A couple high school friends gave me some lingerie, a few games, & coupon books for the honeymoon :)

And I got some dishes that came all the way from my aunt in California!

Thanks everyone!


Amy Nielson said...

Sorry you were a little disappointed. Glad you had fun anyway! You will enjoy spending those gift cards. :) We loved used all of the ones we got.

Caitlin said...

Thanks for inviting us! It was fun! Bridger sure loved playing with all of the things that you won :)

Chelle! said...

I am so sorry about missing your bridal shower. I did not get my invitation until that very day. The enveloped looked as it had traveled the world. I wish I would have been able to come!! You are so darling and I think you are so adorable!!!!