Friday, April 19

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

The girls both had Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease at this beginning of this month. It was awful. AWFUL! 
I have no idea where they got it from. I know that it is super contagious but we don't know anyone who has had it recently. I'm assuming they must have gotten it from a play place. The mall, or McDonald's or something. 
Wrigley got it first. She started throwing up one day. The next day she had a fever and then the sores started showing up. 

Poor girl had sores in her mouth, around her mouth and nose, (she also had a runny nose so it was just awful every time I had to wipe her nose!) her hands , feet and bum. 
I took her to the doctor and he confirmed what she had and told us it was a virus and there was nothing they could do about it. He told us that it would last 7-10 days (and it did!) and that it was contagious until the sores scabbed over. The one piece of good news he gave us was that once you get it, you won't get it again! Thank goodness! I don't ever want my sweet girls to have to go through that again! 

I was hoping and praying Morley wouldn't get it too but of course she did a few days later. 

Her sores were the worst in her mouth. They were all over in her mouth and a ton in the back of her throat. So it was hard to get her to eat or drink anything. 
 It was so sad to see my girls so miserable. 

We did a lot of laying around. Snuggling.  Reading and watching movies. 

When the sores started healing and going away, the girls both had fingernails and toenails that started falling off.  I asked the doctor about it and he said that can happen in severe cases. It was so strange. 
So glad my girls are feeling better now!
I would never wish this horrible illness on anyone!

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