Tuesday, April 30

April Happenings

I try to keep my stethoscope out of the girls' reach but sometimes they get their hands on it and they love to play with it. 
Wrigley said, "Mo Mo, listen my heart."

We went to a boutique up at Thanksgiving Point one evening and when we came out, we tried to teach the girls how to roll down this hill. It was funny to watch their attempts! 

After a clinical one Saturday, I was able to make it to Cassie's baby shower for a little bit. 
These were 2 of my very best friends in high school. We don't get to see each other often enough but it's always fun when we do! 

We celebrated my mom's birthday last Sunday with a family party. 
The girls love birthdays and kind of think they are all for them! :)
They helped grandma open her presents and blow out the candles on her cakes. 

And of course, enjoyed eating the cake!

Pretty sure I've never met a messier eater than this girl!

The next day was her actual birthday so Melinda, the girls, and I took her to get a pedicure and to Cafe Rio for lunch. 

We love to be able to walk down the street to church when the weather is nice. 
This day we had to stop for the girls to say "bye" to the horse and tell him we were going to church. Then we had an awesome conversation about why horses don't come to church with us. I love the curiosity of these two!

We went to the Tulip Festival with my mom and Maggie one afternoon. 
It was the first time I had ever been there and it was fun but didn't really live up to my expectations. I've heard so much about it and how great it is. 
It was alright. 

We had to keep reminding the girls to smell the flowers. Not touch. 

 Running around with Maggie on the grass,

and feeding these fish were the highlights for the little ladies. 

I'm convinced I'll never get a picture where they're both looking at the camera. 

At this point, they figured out that their pants had pockets and walked around like this for probably 10 minutes. 

Then we all rolled down the big hill over and over before heading home. 

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