Tuesday, March 19

Twins turn 2!

When the twins woke up on their birthday, the first thing they wanted to do was put on the make-up that they got from their friend Gabbie at their party. 
I let them go to town. Because.....well....on your birthday, you get to do whatever you want to do. 

 Don't they look beautiful?!
I think we have 2 future make-up artists on our hands. 

Next they opened birthday cards from Uncle Marshall. He picked the perfect cards! They're starting to be really into Princesses. 

Jeff left to go to his cousin's wedding and I stayed home because I didn't want to leave my babes with a babysitter on their birthday!
So us girls had a picnic lunch on the lawn outside while he was gone. 

After nap time they wanted to eat their Ring Pops that Mckay and Danielle gave them. 

Then we decided to take them to Provo Beach Resort to have some fun!
They played on the playground. 

 Rode the carousel. 

We ate dinner. 

And then rode the carousel again. 

 We tried to fit all 4 of us in the photobooth but it didn't work out so well. 
So we put the girls in themselves and it turned out soooo much better! 
They are the cutest! 

We left Provo Beach and headed to James and Emily's wedding reception. It was fun to visit with Jeff's family for a little bit before taking our birthday girls home and putting them to bed. 

The girls' birthdays are bittersweet to me.
I love love celebrating them and the amazing, beautiful little people they are becoming. But it hurts my momma heart how fast it is going. I just know I'm going to blink and they're going to have babies of their own. 

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