Sunday, March 17

Chicago Trip 2013

This last week was my Spring Break so we were able to fly to Chicago for a long weekend. 
I was extremely nervous to fly with our busy busy girls. So I put together a whole bag full of activities and snacks to keep them entertained. They did so well! 

We landed in Chicago around 9:00 and then we had dinner and the girls were having fun running around Grandpa Scott and Grandma Jill's house. They didn't get to bed until really late! When we laid them down they were almost asleep before we even turned the light off and left the room. 

We had such a fun couple days spending time with Jeff's family. We got to hang out with Matt a few times which was fun because we don't get to seem him very often. It was fun to see him play with the girls. 
We were also able to go to dinner one night with Jeff's aunt and uncle and a couple of his cousins. 

Jeff's parents took us to a McDonald's one day that had a fun playplace for the girls to play on! 

We got to go to a Bulls game one night. It was funny because they were actually playing the Jazz that night. :)

The girls were fascinated with Benny the Bull. Until he got too close. Then they didn't like him anymore. 

We had to make a stop at Philly's Best after the game! :)

The girls got to open a birthday present from Grandpa and Grandma before we left. 

The girls loved Kobe and he loved them! He really was so good with them. 

We stopped at Qdoba for lunch before we headed to the airport to fly home. 
Such lucky girls to have such amazing grandparents!

Our plane ended up being delayed so we hung out at the airport for a couple hours before our plane even got there. Thankfully, the girls were so good! 
I love these pictures of them watching the planes out the window. 

We put their pajamas on right before we got on the plane and had bottles of milk ready. We were hoping they would fall asleep and stay asleep the whole flight. 
It didn't work out that way, of course, but they still did so well! 

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