Sunday, January 13

Traci's Wedding

My cousin, Traci, got married last weekend! 
Instead of having a luncheon after the wedding, they had a dinner Friday night. 
Her brother, Troy, had gotten his mission call in the mail earlier in the week and they decided to have him open it at the dinner with all the family there. 
He was called to serve in the Mexico, Mexico City mission. I'm so excited for him! He'll be such a great missionary!

Traci and Sam got married in the Salt Lake temple and it was a beautiful (and cold!) day for a wedding!

We stayed for the pictures we had to be in and then left because we were all freezing! 
While we were driving home, I turned around to see the girls holding hands in the back! Sweetest thing ever!

The girls had the best time dancing at the reception that night. 
I'm going to have to put them in a dance class, I think, because they love to dance! Especially my little Morley!

They got a little dizzy from spinning and poor Morley fell on her face and cut her lip. 

I always enjoy family weddings. It's so much fun to spend time with all of my family! 
We're so happy for Sam & Traci!

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