Tuesday, April 24

Rodney & Amy visit

We had such a blast with the Nielson's in town! We did so many fun things!
They got here on a Friday afternoon just in time for a BBQ to celebrate Mckay's birthday.
They were here for the girls' party on Saturday and Amy was such a big help with getting that all set up! 
Jonathan, Julie, my parents, Amy & I went to see the Hunger Games one night. LOVED it! I'm always nervous when going to see a movie that was made from a book. And Hunger Games is one of my very favorite series of books, so I was extra nervous. But I thought they did a great job. There are obviously things that have to be left out or the movie would be super long, but it wasn't anything that took away from the story. And I really like the actors/actresses they chose to play the parts. I thought they were perfect!

We spent the day in Salt Lake one day. We went to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum again.
 I decided I would rather pay to get in and be able to enjoy our time there, than go on "free day" again. It was just too crazy. We were hardly able to do anything.
But this time was so much fun! We got to explore so much more of the museum. The girls had a blast!

These pictures are outside the museum where we were waiting for Rodney to find a parking spot.
 I want to cry when I see pictures of our stroller. 
It got stolen right out of our front yard a couple days ago.
Who does that?? I can't even tell you how upset I am. 

Miss Wrigs found the Wheat Thins & took off with them! :)

I was carrying Morley when we got into the museum and when she saw this area full of balls she got so excited, she almost wiggled right out of my arms! She said, "ball!" over & over until I put her down to play. 

 Next we found a cute little house with a kitchen & living room that the girls could have played in all day. They were loving it!

They both loved this little couch! Neither of them would sit still long enough for a picture though. Morley thought it was the greatest thing ever that it was just her size. She climbed on & off and on & off.

Isn't Aly's face so funny? It's like she's wondering what is wrong with these two that they can't sit still for one picture?

When they found the books, I wasn't sure if we were ever going to be able to leave. These two sure love books!

Wrigley found this cute little shopping cart and pushed it around for quite a while until these people on the bench (to the right) said "hi" to her & were telling her how cute she was. She left the cart in front of them & walked away.

When we went into the area for smaller kids (where we stayed most of the time last time), there was not one person in there. Last time, it was so packed that it was hard to walk anywhere without stepping on little fingers.

They loved the little slide again. Probably more this time because they were the only ones on it. 
Morley kept trying to walk/crawl up the wrong side.

We played in the water again, which didn't last long. Wrigs kept putting her hands in the water & then licking it off. Oh, it was grossing me out! So we moved on.

 We tried to get some pictures in the car again.
I don't know if it's possible to get 5 kids to look at the camera all at the same time.

 Then we let them ride the horse. 
Morley didn't like it at all. She wanted to get off right when Maggie put her on.

We spent a lot of time at this little garden, filling the wheelbarrow with carrots & potatoes and then taking them back out.

After we left the museum we headed over to check out the new City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake.
It had been open for maybe a week, so it was packed!
We were all hungry so we found the food court first to get some lunch. 
As we were walking in we saw Jeff's grandpa walking towards us. They were there eating lunch & I guess they had seen us out the window & Jeff's grandma told him to go catch us! It was so fun to run into them & visit for a few minutes. 
We met up with Mckay & Danielle after lunch and did some shopping for a few hours. I wish I had taken pictures. 

We spent a lot of time just hanging out at my parents' house that week. And the weather was so nice that we played outside a lot.  The girls have discovered the trampoline and always want to be on it!
It is the funniest thing ever to watch them try to jump. :)

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE these two pictures of Matthew & Morley!
He's such a good uncle. He's so sweet to the girls.

Melinda & the girls were matching this day, so we had to get a picture :)

Amy saw pictures on my blog of us swimming at the Legacy Center & wanted to take the kids while they were here. They loved it!
This was the only picture I got because my camera died :( 

After the afternoon session of Conference on Saturday, we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt!
We kind of were rushed through it because the boys had to get to Priesthood but it was still fun. And super windy. I hate wind.
Wrigley caught on real fast! She loved picking up the eggs & putting them in her basket. 
Morley didn't want to put them in her basket, she wanted to open them and eat what was inside! :)

 While the boys were at Priesthood we all went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse & then went back to my parents' house & watched a movie. 

Fun, busy week. I hate that their visits always go by so fast. 

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Lindsy Hartsock said...

Your girls are so sweet. We have a pass to that museum but we have only been once (we got it to get into Chicago museums) but it was really fun. All the pictures were so cute. Isn't it so fun to see all the differences in personality? I do feel like as soon as I think so and so is "this type" then all the sudden they switch but there are some differences that will totally go with them to the grave, ha. It took me a little while to understand why in the world "twins are so fun!" :) But I get it now more and more everyday. I hope all is well with you guys. It is fun to read your blog!