Saturday, April 7

Pretty in Pink Party

We had the girls birthday party back on the 24th of March! 
I love birthdays. And turning one is a big deal so I wanted a big celebration!
We had the party at my parents' house and there was PINK everywhere. 
Pink food. Pink balloons. Pink candy. Pink decorations. Everything.
Everything turned out just the way I wanted except the cakes. I just ran out of time to get everything done so I just put some pink frosting on them and called it good. They were just going to be destroyed anyway :)
I think the girls were a bit overwhelmed by it all. There were so many people and they just weren't loving it. 
They did enjoy opening their presents and eating their cake though :)

WARNING: Picture overload ahead.
(Thanks Amy & Melinda for taking pictures!)

I wish we had gotten pictures of everyone who came to celebrate with us but I forgot to ask someone to do that so it didn't happen. 

I don't know if I'll ever try cake pops again. They were not fun or easy to make!

This is one of my very favorite pictures of my two girls!

  Morley sure loves her friend, Gabbie! She gives her hugs every time she sees her. :)

I think Wrigley has started to catch on to the whole present thing. I think she's realizing that if she pulls all that paper off, there's going to be something super fun inside! :)
Morley still kind of sits back and waits to play with whatever is inside.

Neither of the girls hesitated for one second when we put the cakes in front of them. They both dug their little hands right in!

 Then came a bath, jammies & bed!

I think they were asleep within 30 seconds. And I wanted to be too. I was exhausted.
It was such a fun day & I'm so grateful to everyone who came & celebrated our sweet girls with us!
We sure love these two!


Caitlin said...

So Cute! I wish we could have been there! And...your cake pops look amazing!

Jaime Stephens said...

Wow wow wow! Nice job it looks beautiful! I'm so sad we missed it! Your hair looks super cute too! Those girls are so big, smart, and cute!

Lacey Johnson said...

For as much trouble as they were the cake pops were adorable, along with the rest of the party. I'm so impressed that you always look so pretty and happy while also keeping up with two lil girls. I'm going crazy with Maddix alone! :)