Wednesday, October 19

Here We Go Again

Marshall was able to go back to Oregon yesterday to finish out his mission. 
We went to my parents house on Monday night to be there when he got set apart.

While the Stake President was setting him apart I was sitting on the couch and Wrigley was standing on the floor in front of me. Towards the end of the prayer she looked over at Marsh and laughed. Who knows why....everyone had their eyes closed. It was dang funny, though. That girl cracks me up.
In the above picture, she was too interested in Grandma's hair to look at the camera. She kept pulling it. :)

Marshall's plane was leaving at 11:00 on Tuesday morning. The kids all had school so they said their goodbyes before school. Mckay, the twins and I went with my parents to take him to the airport. 






I'm so so sad that this picture is blurry. :(
The hardest part for me was when he said goodbye to the girls. They are going to be so big when he gets back.

I will be posting updates and his emails on his missionary blog again if anyone wants to check it out.


Jaime Stephens said...

Oh my goodness I have those outfits for my babies, we should take a quad picture of them in it :-) it would be funny. Your girls are cute. I hope your brothers(?) mission goes quick for you! We have had family go when my older kids were babies and it really is so crazy how much they change

Amy Nielson said...

Ok so just seeing those pictures of Marsh hugging everyone goodbye made me cry! :P