Monday, October 24


My baby girls are 7 months old and getting cuter by the day.
They are so much fun right now! I know I've said it before but it is so fun to watch them discover new things. 
We have had quite a few firsts around here lately. Some good and some not so good.
A few weeks ago Wrigley decided she was a big girl now and started pulling herself up on things. The first time she did it I was shocked! She wasn't even 7 months old...she's not supposed to be doing this yet! 
She's a very observant little thing and I think she thinks she can do whatever she sees everyone else doing. She definitely thinks she's bigger than she is. :) At first, she would fall every time because she wasn't sturdy enough to stay standing and I don't think she understood she was supposed to keep herself standing. But she is catching on. She keeps herself up pretty good now and is pretty good at catching herself if she is going to fall. She also walks along the couch. She has also let go of the couch a few times and turned like she was just going to up and walk away, but of course fell on her face.There's no stopping this girl. I don't know if it's because she's doing this or what, but she seems so grown up to me lately...more like a little girl than a baby. I sure do love my crazy, active little Wrigley. She keeps us on our toes and we never know what she is going to try next.
Morley has been watching Wrigley and in the last week is pulling herself up on things also. She's not real sturdy yet though. I'm afraid they are both going to be walking pretty early. 


Another first we've had recently is a first tooth! Last week Morley's first tooth popped through. I could see it underneath her gums Wednesday night before we went to bed. We had an extremely rough night and in the morning, we had a tooth! So sometime during the night it came through...which explains the crazy, sleepless night. It is the bottom, left, front tooth. She doesn't like to let anyone see it. The few times I've seen it is when she is crying and she moves her tongue out of the way. It is so cute and I can't wait until I can get a picture of it! :)

The girls took their first trip to DISNEYLAND two weeks ago!! Oh it was a blast! There will be a whole post dedicated to that very soon. 

We have an official crawler now! Wrigley actually crawls on her hands and knees. She isn't very quick yet and it's kind of funny to watch but she's figuring it out. :) Morley still army crawls. She's experimented on her hands and knees but seems to prefer army crawling. It's much quicker! ;)

We've had a lot of firsts when it comes to baby food. Trying new things all the time. They both love eating baby food and have liked pretty much everything we have given them. There has only been one thing that Wrigley didn't beans. They made her gag, but she kept opening her mouth for me to give her more. :) Morley liked them. She likes everything we have tried. 


Jeff fed them baby food for the first time last week. It was very messy! :) 

Morley kept trying to get to me. She's still such a Momma's girl and seemed very confused why daddy was feeding them. :)

The not so good first....
Morley got her first big ouchy yesterday. :(  It still makes me so sad.
I was in the kitchen getting some bottles ready and Jeff was in the living room with the girls. I heard a crash and figured one of them had pulled themselves up on something and happens quite often...but then I heard Morley start screaming. So I ran in there right as Jeff was picking her up. He lifted her up and there was blood pouring down her face. I ran to the bathroom to get some tissues and Jeff brought her in there. I put pressure on her head where the blood was coming from until it stopped bleeding. I had no idea what had happened or how bad it was. I asked Jeff what happened and he told me the cord from my pump was hanging down off the couch and she had pulled it and the plug (one of those big, heavy, black, square ones) had fallen and landed (prongs down) on her head. When it stopped bleeding, we could see the 2 marks where the prongs landed and one had split open her head. I felt so horrible. I left the cord hanging off the couch. They don't usually get over to that side of the couch and so I never even thought about putting it up. I felt so stupid and like a horrible mom. It's my fault that my baby got hurt and I hate that. :( 
I was so worried that it could have done some damage because it's so heavy and landed right on the top of her head. She cried for a little while and then started acting completely normal like her happy little self and that made me feel a lot better. 

These pictures are from last night. You can see in the bottom one where it's starting to bruise on the top of her head. Today it is pretty bruised but doesn't seem to be bothering her unless she accidentally bumps it on something while she's crawling around. Poor little thing. I still feel so horrible. :(

I really can't believe how fast my babies are growing up. It has been such a fun & crazy journey. I look forward to every day with them. They make life so amazing!
I love you my Wrigs and Morley girl!


Jaime Stephens said...

That is so sad! They are so cute and so big they look so sturdy on there feet, how fun... Double Trouble! Funny, Banning gags on green beans and peas too.

Amy Nielson said...

I always think it is so funny to watch babies gagging on new foods. It cracks me up! :) And I love how Morley is looking over at you like, "HELP ME!" :D

Jaime Stephens said...

I do like that Chico high chair's nice for space saving and easily portable for traveling or something. My only complaint is our table has a little lip so it's kind of far from the table, if I put food on the table can't really reach it. I like the other booster that hooks on our chair better I used it with the girls but were kind of tight on space of you know what I'm sayin :).. I just saw on target online the Chico seats are less than $30... Sorry for the novel :)