Thursday, September 3

The Rest of the Family Reunion

So, it's been over 2 months since our reunion & I still haven't finished posting it. Sad. But here it is.
Tuesday, we drove to Silver City. On the way we stopped at Walter's Ferry for a picnic lunch.

I just really love how only one person is looking at the camera in this picture :)

We also went on a sort of nature walk thing while we were stopped there.

There were just a lot of really random things to look at.

Oh, and the best part about this place was the double seat porta-potty!
Yes, Melinda and I tested it out together :)

We all stayed together in this house in Silver City.

From the porch, this is what you see.

So pretty! And green! It was awesome!

A different view of the house.

Here's some pictures of some of the rest of the town from where we were.

I don't exactly remember what happened on what day or in what order, so I will just cover some of the main events that took place.

We got to go on a tour of the town.
Some of the buildings have been completely restored and some are being worked on and the rest are super old and falling apart.
Our tour guide (my grandma's cousin) told us what all the buildings were used for back in the day, which was really interesting.

I don't remember what this one was.

Wild guess...this was the drug store :)


The Taylor family in front of what used to be my great great Grandma's souvenir shop.

The inside of the souvenir shop, which is currently being worked on.

I don't know what this building is. Maybe a house. But I just wanted to get a picture of how it is being held up by wires.

Some more of the town.

This is the old school house that has now been restored.

The "Our Lady of Tears" church. Very pretty inside.

One day we had a single elimination horseshoe tournament (organized by Marsh).

Jeff & I were the 2 left in the final round and....

...I won!
Never played horseshoes before in my life :)

We had campfires, roasted marshmallows & made smores of course.

Pictures of inside the house.

Upstairs was a loft where most of us slept on wall to wall mattresses on the floor.

Really don't know what I am doing with my arm.

We played lots of games and ate lots of junk food because that is what we do when we get together.

This is the hotel that is still open & renting out rooms. The population of the town now is 12 in the summer & 1 in the winter.

This was a sign hanging in the hotel with some interesting info about Silver City now & back when it was booming :)

And just a few other pictures I thought were cute.

Silver City is literally out in the middle of nowhere. We had no cell phone service, no tv's, no electricity period. It was really nice to be away from the craziness of life for a few days & not have to worry about anything. It was also very fun to be able to learn more about my family back then. To be able to see where my grandma used to go as a little girl to visit her grandma was really neat. And of course it was fun to be able to spend time with family that we don't get to see very much.

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Brittany and Johnse said...

what a beautiful little town. I love all the old buildings and how green everything was. Looks like an amazing trip :)