Monday, September 7

Long Weekend Happenings

Friday, I came home from work to find husband making dinner for me :) He made a kind of pasta that he used to make in Italy. I forget what it's called. But it was so YUM!

After dinner, I watched Emory & Hayden so Tyler & Jeff could go fishing. (Aubrey was working)

We went over to my parents house & hung out with them most of the night. Everyone loved playing with the kids.

Saturday, I had class at 8:00 am. Then we watched Saxon & Bridger while Caitlin went to the temple.
We took them to Mcdonalds for lunch.

I told Saxon to smile & this is what I got :)

Bridger was too little to play in the slides, but he had a blast pounding on this sign.

Saturday night we had dinner at Aubrey & Tyler's & watched the BYU/Oklahoma game. Such a great game!
Sunday, we had a bbq with my family & Jonathan & Julie. We played some family Sunday night football :) Jeff, Marsh, Melinda & Matt vs. Dad, Jonathan, Julie & Me. Unfortunately, they won. So fun though.
Today...Happy Labor Day!
We did nothing exciting. I woke up with a bad cold & have felt gross all day. We both had to work & then I came home & went back to bed. Jeff came home from work & made me orange juice & has been such a sweetie taking care of me all night.
I love that boy :)


Caitlin said...

I love the pictures!!! Thank you again SO MUCH for watching them for me. They had so much fun! We owe you guys...

The Johnson's Jungle said...

Someone likes babysitting! :) I'll be sure to send my kids your way when I have them.