Monday, September 14

Girl's Night & B-day Party

Saturday night I went to the Women's Expo at UVU with my mom & sisters. So much fun! Shade Clothing had tables set up outside on the grass with shirts for $5 & $3. Cute shirts too. Not just the ugly leftovers. Also they had skirts, capris, shorts & swimsuits all that cheap too. It was totally worth going to the expo just for that. We all got some super cute things :)
After the expo we went up to Gandolfo's to eat. My dad sold our Gandolfo's & the new owners take over on Monday :( We had to go eat one last time.

Yesterday we had a birthday party for little Miss Maggie.

Party pooper!

Opening presents.

Wilson sporting his purple party hat.

Mckay & Marsh having a little too much fun with her new toys.

We hope you had a good birthday Miss Maggie!

1 comment:

Amy Nielson said...

WHAT?!?!?!? You sold the Gandolfo's??? Sad. :(

Looks like Maggie got spoiled on her birthday. Fun times! :)