Thursday, August 20

Neverland Party

Tonight we went to Saxon's Neverland birthday party. Caitlin put so much work into the party & it turned out so cute! We took Maggie with us & she had a blast.
Some of the kids were dressed up. Saxon was an awesome Peter Pan. He even sprinkled pixie dust on everyone so we could fly :)
Caitlin made this cute cake. Didn't she do such a great job?! It was delicious.

We didn't get to stay to see him open his presents because we had a softball game.
Happy 3rd Birthday Saxon! Thanks for inviting us to your party!

P.S. We won our softball game again! :) Yay!


Brittany and Johnse said...

He is so cute!!! gotta love that guy!

Amy Nielson said...

What a fun party! She could help me plan Alyson's 1st birthday. ;) Where does she get her fun ideas?

Caitlin said...

Thanks for coming and bringing Maggie! We love you guys!