Wednesday, August 26


Aubrey started a new job this week, working nights at a hospital up in Riverton. She had orientation all day yesterday, so I watched Emory (20 months) & Hayden (4 months).
She brought them over at 7:00 am...both awake. They both went back to sleep around 8:30. I showered while they were asleep or I figured I wouldn't get one. I had laid Emory on my bed, & when she woke up she was all wet. She had completely soaked through her diaper & it was all over her & my bed. My sheets needed to be washed anyway :) I figured I better put her in the tub to get her all cleaned up. My next brilliant idea was to put the baby in too. Let me tell's hard to bathe a baby-that can't sit up by herself-without one of those little baby bath things. Bath time didn't last too long :) While I was getting ready, I gave Emory a sheet of stickers & that kept her entertained for a long time. We now have Tigger all over our walls, doors & Jeff's tool box. Then, we ate lunch & ran some errands. That was an adventure. They are both such good kids, but just so busy. Emory is so curious about everything & wants to touch and play with whatever she sees. Just like any normal kid. It was actually pretty funny because she was jabbering away, in her own little language, to everything she touched the whole time we were at the store. By the time the day was over I was completely exhausted! I have a new respect for anyone who has little kids.


The Johnson's Jungle said...

Good birth control? :P

Ryan and Tammy said...

I can definitely relate and I only have one. Your blog is so cute meggy!

Brittany and Johnse Davis said...

they call that INSTANT birth control....LOL. Being the oldest in my family my mom always said I would be one to wait to have kids because of taking care of all my siblings...well I am 25 and still counting. LOL

The kids sure are cute though - and that was SO sweet of you to help her out and watch them both!

Caitlin said...

You're brave to run errands with two kids. I dread taking my kids too many places because I'm always so exhausted by the time we're done.