Sunday, August 9

Husbandless Weekend

Jeff went to Denver this weekend, so I was on my own. Scary! Especially in the neighborhood we live in. So, Melinda & Jade spent the night Friday night to keep me company. We went to dinner at Costa Vida, went to the mall, then Wal-Mart, & then watched a movie.
Saturday, I went to Lagoon with my family and the Jonathan & Julie family. We had really weird weather Friday & Saturday. Of course the day we chose to the 60's until around 3 when it warmed up a little. Still a blast!

Benji was being such a little goofball all day. He kept us all laughing.

He was imitating faces we made at him.

Every time he heard music he started dancing.

These are some of the rides we went on...
The Spider:

Flying Aces:

Bumper Cars:

The Samurai:

The Rocket:

Ferris Wheel:

This dragonfly sat on my dad's hat for like an hour.

It was a super fun weekend, but I missed my honey!

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