Tuesday, October 30

Hee Haws

My aunt, Julie, invited us to go to Hee Haw Farms a few weeks ago. It is definitely something we will be doing again! We had a blast! 
I was afraid it was going to be super busy because it was Saturday but it actually wasn't too bad, which was nice. 
When we walked in, we saw this cage of bunnies and the girls were already having the time of their lives!

We wanted to get some pictures of them with all the pumpkins but you know how well that goes. We gave them each a pumpkin to hold but Wrigley dropped hers right before we took the picture. We gave it to her again and then Morley dropped hers, of course.

Wrigley and I went for a ride on this animal train.

And while we were on our ride, Morley got to try out this mini "corn" maze. 

And then she got to ride the train with Grandma.

The girls went down this big slide with Jeff and then we fed some goats!

Morley & Grandma raced rubber ducks against David & won!

Then they played Ring around the milk can!

The corn box was everyone's favorite, I think! We all played in there for a really long time!

Then we went in the petting zoo. Morley loved the baby pigs!

 Wrigley took a few minutes to warm up to the animals but once she did, she loved them. 

Next we went on a Trick-or-Treat Hay ride (that I didn't take any pictures of).
And then walked through the corn maze.

 Wrigley loved my little cousin, Ryan, and kept wanting to hold his hand :)

We let the girls each pick out a pumpkin that we could buy & take home. 

We had so much fun and are excited to go back next year!

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