Tuesday, October 23


We get into the Tracy Aviary free on Mondays with our Pass of All Passes so last week we decided to go up there with a few friends from our ward. 
We have been having the most beautiful fall weather and the day was just perfect! 

I had never been to an aviary before and really didn't even know what to expect but it was such a blast! The girls absolutely loved it! 

I can't ever get a good picture of two toddlers, so I don't know why we thought we'd get three to look at the camera at the same time. :)

When it was time for lunch, we found some benches to sit on by this play area for the kids. We couldn't get any of the kids to eat much because they all wanted to play in the sand!

 While they were playing in the sand, there was a big peacock that came walking over. It walked right passed Wrigley & the look on her face was hilarious. She just froze and looked around like, "Um, isn't this supposed to be in a cage?!"  She seemed pretty confused. It was funny. 

We're so lucky to have so many friends in our ward with kids around the same age as the twins. 
What a fun day!

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Lacey Johnson said...

Where is his aviary located? Because we had the passes as well, and it would be fun to go to.