Monday, November 12

Jeff's First Disneyland Trip

When my siblings had Fall Break last month, we were trying to convince my parents that we should go to Disneyland. I texted Jeff at work and asked him if he cared if the girls and I went with my family to Disneyland (he was going to be in Chicago for work during that time). He texted back saying, "as long as I get to take you guys sometime!" 
That "sometime" came sooner than he was probably expecting because we didn't end up going with my family. Mckay & Danielle were going last week to do the Southern California Pass with some friends so we decided to tag along on the days they would be at Disneyland. 
This was Jeff's very first time going to Disneyland and I think he loved it more than he thought he would. :)
We left late afternoon/early evening so the girls would sleep most of the way there and they were amazing little travelers, as usual. 

We stayed at the same hotel as Mckay and Danielle so we ate breakfast with them the next morning and then headed over to Disneyland. 
Mckay wanted to go on Pirates of the Caribbean first. The girls were a little unsure about it but did better than I thought they would. They both tensed up a little bit on the drops but didn't seem too scared. 

Next we walked through Tarzan's Treehouse and for some reason that seemed to scare them more than the Pirates ride did. 

It looked like it was going to rain when we left the hotel so I put their raincoats on but they didn't really need them and the coats were hiding their cute Mickey & Minnie Mouse shirts :)

They were not going to sit still and let me get a picture of their cute shirts.

Next we went to get Jeff his "1st Visit" pin and Mckay told us about these stickers we could get for the girls to wear with our name and phone number on them in case they got lost. 
These made me feel so much better because I had been stressing for weeks about the girls disappearing in Disneyland.

Then we went on Dumbo, the carousel and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. 

This car was outside of Mr. Toad's and Morley would have stayed there all day. 

We ate lunch after that and then Jeff & I took the girls back to the hotel for a nap. We wanted a nap too after driving all night. When we got back to the park it was rainy for most of the evening but we just kept going on rides. We got soaked but the rain was a warm rain so it wasn't too miserable. We went over to Bug's Land and did some rides there and also went to the 3D show. Wrigley wouldn't keep her glasses on but Morley did the whole time. She was on my lap and would jump every time a bug flew at us. 

Then we went over to Toy Story Mania and then did the Carousel outside of there. I don't know how many times we went on Carousels. They were the girls' favorite!

As we were leaving the park that night the girls were having fun running through all the puddles. And we noticed as we were leaving that they had put up this big Christmas tree. 

They were taking down Halloween decorations and putting up Christmas ones the whole time we were there and it was fun to see. I've never been at Christmas time before and it makes me want to go back when all the Christmas decorations are up. 

Cuddling at the hotel that night. 

We started Day 2 at Cars Land. We went straight to get fast passes for the Radiator Springs Racers but they were already all gone for the whole day! Mckay and Danielle had already ridden it earlier in the week, before we were there, and said it was way fun but the line was over 2 hours long and we weren't going to leave the girls with them for that long so we could go on it. 

The only ride we went on in Cars Land was Mater's Junkyard. It was the shortest wait time...35 minutes. 

We walked through the rest of Radiator Springs and took pictures. It was really cool!

We spent quite a bit of time in Cars Land and then went back over to A Bug's Land and went on the Caterpillar ride. 
Wrigley was ready for lunch so she didn't enjoy it very much.

After lunch we went to Talk time with Crush. I had never done that before and it was really cute!

It was so nice having Mckay and Danielle there with us. They kept offering to stay with the girls while we went on some bigger rides. We got the girls some suckers and left them with Mckay & Danielle while Jeff & I went on Soaring over California. My very favorite ride!

When we got done the girls were asleep. 

We took them from Mckay & Danielle and told them to go on some rides. I felt bad that they were doing little kid stuff with us all day but they insisted that they wanted to. 
We walked through Cars Land again and then went to find a spot for the parade. 
Wrigley woke up while we were waiting for the parade and shared some ice cream with us. 
Wrigley watched the whole parade from Jeff's shoulders. 
And Morley slept through the whole thing. She must have been really tired because it was so loud!

Wrigley loved the parade and waved to everyone she knew!

After the parade we found Mckay & Danielle and left the girls with them again while we went on Space Mountain.

We went on a few more rides after that and then took a picture in front of the big Christmas tree.

Then we went and found somewhere to eat dinner before the firework show.
Danielle ordered this PB&J soda and let us all try it. It was nasty! But Morley liked it.

After dinner we watched the firework show.
They were playing Christmas music and then when the fireworks were over, it started to "snow"! It was seriously incredible. Another reason I want to go back at Christmastime. 

We took turns going on a few more rides after that while the girls slept in the stroller. Then we did some souvenir shopping and headed back to the hotel. 

The girls had so much fun the next morning playing in all the cupboards in our hotel room while we got packed up and ready to go. 

 We drove to the beach but didn't end up staying very long because it was so so cold and windy!
The girls didn't seem to mind though and probably would have been happy to stay longer. 

We drove to Las Vegas and stayed there that night. 
We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and then walked over to M&M world. 

The girls were not fans of this big M&M guy.

Wrigley's face says it all! :)

This was such a fun trip! I'm so happy we were able to go! 
Wrigley & Morley were seriously the best little travelers. I wondered how they would do being at Disneyland all day but they just went with the flow, as usual. 
Disneyland is one of my very favorite places and I can't wait until we can go back!

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