Sunday, August 5

Denver Weekend

A few weekends ago my family was going to Denver to go to a few Colorado Rockies games & invited us to go with them. 
Jeff got off work early on Friday & we headed out. I hadn't given the girls a nap that day yet, hoping they would sleep for a few hours in the car but after about an hour, they woke up. 
They were unbelievably good in the car though. I was so worried about it & had brought so many activities & snacks to keep them entertained & they did so well. 
We only stopped once on the way there, in Grand Junction for dinner. We let the girls run around & changed & put pajamas on them and they fell asleep around 8:00 and slept the rest of the way there. 
We got to the hotel around 11:00 and ran into my dad & Maggie in the hall on the way to our room. We followed them to their room to say hi & then the girls were wide awake & ready to play. 
We couldn't get them to go back to sleep until after 1:00 that night. It didn't help that the people right above us were having some crazy party & were so incredibly loud. I was ready to go up there & hit some people! ;)

The next day we had lunch at Qdoba in honor of Grandpa Scott & Grandma Jill! :)

Then we went downtown & did some shopping at 16th Street Mall.

We even got a ride in a pedicab! :)

My mom, Maggie & Melinda didn't want to go to another Rockies game on Saturday night so they offered to watch the girls so Jeff & I could go with my dad & Matthew. 
They took the girls back to the hotel & the rest of us headed over to Coors Field.
It was such a beautiful night for a baseball game!

The only thing that kind of sucked about our seats were the girls sitting behind us. They were there for a bachelorette party & we and the whole rest of the stadium got to hear about their whole lives. They were so loud & obnoxious. I couldn't even believe some of the things they were talking about so loudly with so many people close by to hear. Thank goodness they left halfway through. 

The next day we went to Sacrament Meeting at a ward nearby & then got checked out of the hotel.
The girls had so much fun at the hotel. My family's room was all the way at the other end of the hall & the girls loved running back & forth down the hall. 

They also loved the elevator! We taught them to jump when we started going down & they still do it whenever we're in an elevator. :)

The drive home wasn't as fun as the way there but the girls still did pretty well. We stopped twice to eat & let them run around. They only napped for an hour again and then stayed awake until we got home at almost 9:00 that night. 

Such a pretty drive!

The pictures don't do the scenery justice. It was gorgeous.
Fun trip. I don't know if I would do it again though. Too much driving in too little time. 

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