Saturday, August 13

Chicago 2011: Fourth of July

The 4th of July has always been my very favorite holiday!
I was so excited to celebrate the twins' first 4th of July.
Jeff's extended family all get together at the lake house for the 4th.
We spend the day playing in the water, out on the boat and there's always tons of food!

The girls were pretty good all day, which was a little surprising since the only naps they got that day were short ones outside here and there.


Jeff's cousin, Heather (who actually lives in Sandy) and her family were in Chicago over the 4th also. We took a picture of her little girl, Abby, with the twins. She is about 2 months older than them.
We tried and tried to get the twins to smile but no luck. Sweet little Abby smiled for every picture. :)

We get SO many compliments on these gorgeous big blue eyes!

Later that night when everyone had gone home except Scott & Lisa and Jeff's parents, we built a fire, roasted marshmallows and had s'mores. Then it was time for the firework show! There is a guy across the lake who puts on an awesome show every year! We usually go out on the boat and watch them from the middle of the lake, which is really cool because they are right above us. This year the babies were asleep so Jeff & I stayed at the house and watched the fireworks from the back deck. It's a little bit different show not being out on the boat, but still awesome! There were a few that literally shook the house. I was afraid they were going to wake the babies up, but they slept right through.
It was a very fun and relaxing day!

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