Thursday, July 14

Chicago 2011: Babies' First Plane Ride

Every year we go to Chicago to spend the 4th of July with all of Jeff's family. This is the fourth year that I have been and let me tell is a totally different trip with 2 babies!
We flew out there on June 25th. My dad drove us to the airport and we checked all our bags curbside so we wouldn't have to carry anything besides the girls and the diaper bag.
I thought the twins were popular the airport they were basically celebrities!
I haven't gone anywhere since they were born, where at least one person hasn't stopped me to see them or ask about them....for real...not ONE place. I thought I had gotten used to it. But for some reason the whole airport wanted to see/talk to/smile at/ask about them. One guy even asked me if he could take a picture of, no thanks creepy!
It really doesn't bother me at all that people stop us so much. I'll be honest...I kind of enjoy it! I like to show them off! :) What I don't love so much though, is when people point and whisper. I feel like I must have toilet paper stuck to my shoe or my zipper is down or something! I usually end up checking my zipper about 10 times a day. Just in case. ;)
While Jeff was checking our bags outside, I was waiting with the twins and this older couple came up to ask about them. I talked to them for a few minutes and then they went on their way.
When we got inside to our gate and sat down, that same lady was there too and came and sat down next to us. Jeff had gone to get us some food so I talked to her for quite a while. She just LOVED the girls! She told me she had 5 grandsons and decided the twins should each marry one of them! :) One of her daughters had announced the night before that she was pregnant and she was really hoping it would be a girl. I was holding Morley and Wrigley was in her car seat. She started to get a little bit fussy and Jeff had the binks with him in his pocket. So the lady (I wish I knew her name) volunteered to hold Morley so I could pick Wrigley up. After a little bit Jeff and her husband both came back and we talked to them until it was time to board. The husband wanted to hold Morley and she smiled and talked to him for the longest time. He was loving it! :) They were from Arizona and heading back home, so they weren't on the same plane as us. She was so bummed because she wanted to sit by us on the flight. :) I was a little bummed too because they were so nice and so fun to talk to!
I was so nervous for how the babies were going to do on the plane. I was so afraid they would cry the whole way and everyone on the plane would hate us! We made bottles as soon as we got on the plane and fed them both as we were taking off. They both fell asleep and slept pretty much the whole flight! Morley woke up and fussed for a minute but then went right back to sleep. I was so relieved! We sat in the very first row and all the flight attendants couldn't get enough of the girls. There was a guy flight attendant who was so funny! He's one of those people that has a permanent smile on his face. Seriously. Always there. He told us that he has a brother and sister who are twins and when they were younger he had them convinced that they were identical! Ha! He was so fun! Both the pilots came out and talked to us during the flight also. One of them has 2 year old twins, so it was fun to talk to him.
We learned that you're not allowed to have two lap children sitting in the same row, so Jeff and I had to sit across the aisle from each other. There was an old couple sitting next to Jeff who were so bugged that we were sitting there with babies. They made it known from the moment we sat down. Jeff, joking around, crossed his fingers and said "we're hoping this goes well." And she gave him a dirty look and said, "yeah, so are we!" Yikes! When Morley woke up and fussed a little bit she kept giving Jeff looks like "shut that baby up!"
The people I sat next to were awesome! It was a lady and her 13 year old son (who happened to be a twin also.) They had been in Salt Lake at Primary Children's Hospital, where her son was having surgery, and they were heading home to Naperville. Her son was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was 6 years old and has had numerous surgeries since then, so they spend a lot of time in Salt Lake. She was so fun to talk to! I really enjoy talking to other people who have twins. They always have great tips and they just understand things that sometimes other people don't! She loved Wrigley and kept telling me to stop worrying about every little peep the girls made! They really did so awesome and I was so proud of them!

The flight home wasn't as great as the way there, but they still did really good. We tried the same thing...made bottles when we got on the plane and fed them as we were taking off but they didn't fall asleep this time. They both pooped right after they ate and needed to be changed. We were sitting in the very back of the plane this time and turns out there is only a changing table in the bathroom at the front of the plane. I walked up there to change Wrigley and the flight attendant told me the bathroom was occupied and I couldn't wait up there. So I walked back to my seat, sat down and then she called to me over the intercom thingy saying the bathroom was open if I needed the changing table. So I walked back up there, changed her, then went back to switch babies with Jeff, then walked back up and changed Morley. The flight attendants in the back were so awesome! They couldn't get enough of the girls. One of them even held Wrigley for a little bit. Morley was being such a little flirt! She was smiling and talking to everyone around us and they all loved her! (Except maybe the guy right next to me who she sneezed on. Twice. Oops.) About halfway through the flight Morley fell asleep on my lap. Wrigley was tired but wouldn't give it up. Shocker. She cried for about ten or fifteen minutes and then fell asleep. The flight attendants let Jeff stand up in the back by the bathroom and walk with her a little so she would calm down. Overall their first flight was a success! They did so much better than I expected. Phew.




Mike and Jenna said...

Wow, flying with twins sounds like an adventure! Glad they did so good, they are great babies! :)

Amy Nielson said...

Sounds like a fun adventure!! I'm so glad the girls did so good on the plane. :)