Wednesday, May 18

Life with twins

is a bit crazy!
But I'm loving every minute of it! I can't get enough of my sweet baby girls!
It has been far too long since I posted anything on here. I am finally feeling like we are getting into a little bit of a routine, so hopefully it won't be so long before I find time to blog again.
This is going to be a very long post with about a million pictures. I just don't want to miss anything we've done in the last month or so.

These first pictures are from back when we were in the hospital.
I took this one because I thought it was funny how Morley slept with her mouth open like that.
She still does it.

This is Morley's head. I was trying to get a picture of her fuzzy blond hair. It's hard to see what it was really like in a picture. It was so cute. All the nurses loved it and every single one of them commented on how cute her fuzzy hair was. She's lost so much of it now & it makes me sad.

Just a few pictures of my Wrigley girl in the NICU.

Morley dropped down to 4lbs 11oz in 2 days so we had to start supplementing her with formula. This is Jeff getting to feed her for the first time. Doesn't she look so so tiny in his arms?!

This was the first time I got to hold Wrigley.

And the first time Jeff got to hold Wrigley. And feed her.

Morley's temperature was low one night so she got to wear this super awesome hat!

Taking Morley home!

Taking Wrigs home!

The twins both love to sleep with their hands right by their face or above their head.

Wrigley (L) Morley (R)

At their two week check up they were both 9oz above their birth weight. Our doctor said at two weeks they are supposed to be back up to their birth weight, so they were doing awesome! They had to have their heels pricked for the newborn screening test & I cried right along with them. It was so sad. They gave them both these teddy bears that were almost as big as them. This is Morley with her teddy bear.

I was taking a picture of Wrigley leaning her head against Morley & Morley did a little smile right as I took the picture!

I was in my bedroom pumping one day and this is what I found when I came out :)

Jeff's mom got to come out for a few days at the beginning of April and we had so much fun with her here. She was such a big help and we really appreciate all she did. Here she is with her first 2 grandbabies :) Isn't she such a cute grandma?!

While she was here she came with me to get the babies newborn pictures taken at FotoFly. They turned out so cute! I really love them.



Our first family picture!

The twins first time going to church.
Wrigley (L) Morley (R)

They love their Aunt Maggie :)

We went to Jeff's softball game one night & Morley was fussing the whole way home. When we got home we figured out why!

Caitlin brought the boys over to meet the twins one day & Saxon absolutely LOVED them! It was so cute :) Bridger had no interest in them and just wanted to explore our house but Saxon sat and wanted to hold the babies the whole time. He has never really been around girl babies before & told Caitlin on the way over that "girl babies are just weird". I guess he changed his mind because while they were here he told Caitlin that they need to have 2 baby girls and name them Wrigley and Morley. (Except he has a hard time saying Morley, so he said "Wrigley & what's that other babies name?")

He laid down on the couch & wanted me to lay Wrigley down next to him :)

He's going to be such a good cousin to them!!

More visitors...
Cassie came down from Logan to see the girls.

Jeff's grandparents came down to visit while Jill was here.

My Aunt Janet from California with Morley & my Aunt Cathy from Texas with Wrigley.

My mom's birthday was on April 22nd. Marsh & I decorated her car while she was at work! We used almost 1,500 Post-It notes & filled the inside with balloons!
Marsh did this side...

And I did this side...

I guess we had a little bit different ideas of how to do it.

We're Awesome!! :)

The Saturday before Easter we went to my parents house for an Easter egg hunt with Jonathan & Julie's family.

Benji was Jeff's little shadow while he was finding his eggs.

Wrigley slept through the whole egg hunt but Morley didn't want to miss it so she was outside with us.

All my little cousins wanted a turn to hold a baby. Since Wrigley was asleep, they all got to hold Morley. She wasn't loving it so much :)

Later Morley was sleeping and blew a bubble :)

My dad & Jonathan fell asleep on the couch and the boys put chocolate syrup all over their glasses! So funny!

Wrigs with Uncle Marsh.

Morley & Uncle Matthew.

On Easter Sunday we got to go up to Jeff's grandparents house for lunch & to visit with some of his family. His Uncle John & Aunt Terry were in town from Chicago & it was fun to see them. This is the only picture I got while we were there.
Jeff is such a cute daddy :)

After we left there we went to my parents house for dinner & to celebrate my mom's birthday.

I was not feeling good at all on Easter, so on Monday Jeff stayed home from work & watched the babies while I went to the doctor. He told me I had Mastitis :( It was so miserable.
Wrigley started acting kind of weird on Monday, like she just didn't feel good. On Tuesday she just laid there all day. She didn't cry, she just whimpered and didn't want to eat anything. So back to the doctor we went. He checked her and thought she had RSV so sent us straight to the hospital to get her tested and wanted to see us back the next morning. I stayed up most of the night with her because she was so stuffed up and having such a hard time breathing. It scared me. We went back to the doctor the next morning and he told us the results came back and she didn't have RSV. They were testing for like 9 other viruses also, but wouldn't have the results from those tests for almost a week. She started acting like she was feeling so much better later that day & I was so glad. Dr. Cherrington called me a week later to tell me she did have one of the viruses they had tested for, but I don't remember what it was called. And she was better by then anyway. We tried so hard to keep Morley away from her so she wouldn't get sick also. She never did!

Scott and Jill were able to come out the first weekend of May when we blessed the babies. It was the first time Scott met the babies and he is such a cute grandpa! :) They got up with the babies in the night while they were here so Jeff & I could get some sleep and it was so nice! It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for you!
Grandma Jill & the girls.

We blessed the babies on May 1st and it was a perfect day! Jeff gave them such beautiful blessings. I'm so grateful to have a husband who is worthy of his priesthood and was able to bless our girls!
We're also grateful for all our friends and family who were there showing us their love & support on this special day!
One regret...I wish I had gotten more pictures!

We had a little brunch with everyone at my parents house after the blessing.
Grandma Maria & Wrigley.

My cousin, Troy with Wrigley.

Jeff & I decided to go to Las Vegas the next weekend to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We left the babies with my parents. It was so hard for me to leave them. I cried and cried after leaving my parents house. It really was a nice little break and nice to spend some time with Jeff but I missed my girls so much!! I didn't even take any pictures while we were there :(

Some cute pictures of Morley Girl

Some cute pictures of Miss Wrigs.

My cute girls together.
Morley (L) Wrigley (R)

Morley (L) Wrigley (R)

Morley (L) Wrigley (R)

Morley (L) Wrigley (R)

Morley (L) Wrigley (R)

Wrigley (L) Morley (R)

Wrigley (L) Morley (R)

Morley (L) Wrigley (R)

Wrigley (L) Morley (R)

Morley (L) Wrigley (R)

Morley (L) Wrigley (R)


Grandma Honey said...

How fun to see all these DARLING pictures! I had been wondering how you were doing so this update was great!

The Rowburys said...

Meg! They are so stikin cute! I really want to come visit you sometime. I haven't wanted to because I know how crazy life with a newborn is, and you have 2! We'll have to get together so I can see your cute babies in person!

Mikelle said...

How do you tell them apart?!?! They are super cute!!

Caitlin said...

So cute! I love the ones of Saxon holding them :)