Thursday, May 26

2 months

The twins turned 2 months old last week, so we headed to the doctor for their 2 month check-up.

(W) (M)

Here are their 2 month stats.

Weight: 11 pounds - 75th percentile
Height: 23.5 inches - 95th percentile

Weight: 10 pounds - 60th percentile
Height: 23 inches - 90th percentile

They had to get 3 shots each. Saddest thing ever. I was totally dreading it and asked my mom to come with us to the doctor.
I handled it better than I thought I would, but still cried with them.
Their poor little legs :(
Poor little things were so fussy that night. All they wanted was to be held and cuddled.

I really can't believe how fast these last 2 months flew by. I love these sweet little girls more than I ever thought possible & I'm so grateful that I get to be home with them all day every day.
It's been so fun to see their little personalities develop. They are definitely 2 very different little people :) I think Wrigley is going to be our feisty, stubborn, tough girl and I think Morley will be our sweet little girly-girl.
Morley is much more patient than Wrigley when it comes to anything but eating. When she's hungry she makes it known and there is nothing that can be done to soothe her.
They are getting much better at being content while they are awake and have just started smiling at people. It is the cutest thing ever & makes my day every time I get a smile.
I'm having so much fun being their mom and watching them grow and learn new things!

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Come What may ANd LOve IT said...

OH my goodness girlie!!! THey are beautiful!! AND YOU ARE mY HERO!!!! BEstest mommy ever!!!!! xoxo